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This community is now dead. Apologies. The Moderator has moved on.

Ted Bundy

: This community is for anyone who likes, hates, or is interested in Ted (Theodore) Bundy, infamous serial killer and murderer.
I will keep it up on Live Journal for reference.

You do not have to LIKE Bundy, or approve of him, be infatuated or obsessed with him to contribute to this community. Please understand this is an open house, for all opinions and all people. Please respect other member's opinions, thoughts, feelings and desires.


Full Name: Theodore Robert Bundy (AKA Chris Hagen)
Date of Birth: 24th November 1946

Some good links:
http://www.shyscyberchamber.com/bundy_ted.asp - This is an excellent page full of rarer, high clarity photographs and information.

http://www.crimelibrary.com/criminal_mind/psychology/witness/1.html?sect=19 - One of the most indepth Crime Library's stories about Ted Bundy