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Arise - Bundy on South Park! Oct. 26th, 2006 @ 11:29 pm

Attention Bundybabes!

Our beloved Ted appeared on tonight's special episode of South Park! Satan is planning a super Halloween party, and its up to Ted Bundy, Jeffery Dahmer, and John Wayne Gacy ('The Three Murderers') to fetch his Ferrari cake. Their scenes are basically tributes to The Three Stooges - Ted stands between Jeffery and Gacy, smacking them periodically.

You guys should have seen my face when I realized what was going on. I'd been doing some work on my research paper and passively watching a bit of South Park when I noticed a character that looked oddly familiar...next to a character that just mentioned something about eating intestines...

I'm still smiling. Be sure to tune in, guys!

Ann Burr Oct. 16th, 2006 @ 07:37 pm
Here is a question for the readers of this community: Do you believe that Ted Bundy is responsible for the death of Ann Burr? I have a very definite opinion on the issue but I'll talk about that after I see some feedback. Who knows, it may change my own view on the subject.
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» Question
In most accounts that I have read of Joni Lenz's/Mary Adam's encounter with Ted, she was violated with a broken bed post. However, in "The Only Living Witness," her violation comes from a medical tool that Bundy allegedly brought with him. This is feasible considering that he did have a position working with medical supplies. Even so, the bed post account seems more feasible to me. My question is this: Does anyone reading this have any clarity to offer? What happened here?
» a&e biography
The a&e biography is on you tube.
» (No Subject)

I hope you all find this as funny as I did.
» ted bundy documentary
» (No Subject)
» (No Subject)
I'm afraid this community is dead.

It's hard to find new information on someone whose been dead for such a long time. Especially if nobody keeps coming up with new and interesting information.

My own infatuation with Bundy has slowly been phased out of obsession into a general interest. But I just wanted to let you all know this community will stay alive - even in its grusome death pose.
» (No Subject)
wow. havent been here for a while. thought there would be shitloads of posts by now lol. is this a community or a morgue? lol
» Suggestion of who can play Bundy..
Hi all,

Hope the new year is treating you well.
I have come to the conclusion that the actor Mark Ruffalo would be perfect to play Bundy if ever the opportunity came by. Anyone else agree?

But, on a slightly related note, one of Mark's upcoming movies (in post-production) is this:

(Taken from imdb.com)
Plot Outline: Based on the Robert Graysmith books about the real life notorious Zodiac, a serial killer who terrorized San Francisco with a string of seemingly random murders during the 1960's and 1970's.
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» Happy New Year!
Well, here in Australia, we're about 6 hours away from it, so I'd like to wish everyone a safe, happy and wonderful new year - all the best for 2006!
» (No Subject)
who here as read The Stranger Beside Me by Ann Rule? I started it yesterday and it is pretty interesting. I'm not too far, maybe about a fifth of the way through, but I really like it. This is the second Ann Rule book I read, the first was Lust Killer which was about Jerry Brudos. I think its so bizarre how she was friends with him before...anyway those who havent read it, i'd suggest picking it up and those of you that have read it, what do you think about it?
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» Merry Christmas
Just thought I'd wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

» Pic of Mark Harmon as Ted in The Deliberate Stranger
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merry christmas everyone! hope u have a bundyful life ahead of you. I will recieve a documentary in a couple of days, if there was anything rare, I'll post some pics. take care and have a good year!

» Ted's Fingerprints
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» (No Subject)
Hi everyone,

Surfing google.com I came across this small Bundy-bit (sorry if this has already been covered before!)
Check this link out:

Look at photo #3 and the small explanation that goes with it!
» tedbundy.com
hey guys make sure to check out tedbundy.com. the VICTIMS section has been updated and now includes some very intersting info on Ann Mary Burr and there are a couple of cool pics there too.
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          man I just saw ted's car on tv. it was halloween special on muchmusic channel and the Korn frontman took the host to the car. camera showed the car in all angles. the passenger seat was missing  and the seats were dusy and light brown in color.  it was so eerie!!!!!!                    

» (No Subject)
Hi Kids,
This community isn't as active anymore.

Anyways, this isn't about Ted Bundy, but I thought a few of you might be interested.
I got an email saying that there's going to be a documentary on ED GEIN on the BIOGRAPHY CHANNEL, on OCTOBER 31st (Halloween) at 10 pm. I hope at least some of you care. Sorry about how it's not about Ted.

This isn't even necessarily TRUE, I just got an email from the CHANNEL saying that. But if some of you remember, it said a documentary on Ted was on, and I posted saying it and I know some of you got your VCRs ready and planned on seeing it and the information was wrong. So I'm VERY sorry about that, and I'm letting you know NOW that the Ed Gein thing MIGHT NOT be on.

I hope it is, though, and I hope this was helpful.

» Bunny's Psycology
Okay, I've got a few theories on how our Bunny got to be such a bad boy.

There's this thing called Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD), which basically occurs when an infant doesn't recieve adequate attention from a mother or parental figure. The first few months of infancy are critical for emotional development, and if there is no nuturing or support, an infant can develop RAD.

We all know that Bunny was basically left alone in an orphanage for the first three months of his life. For all we know, no one might have held him, cared for his needs or even paid attention to him. And such treatment during the first stages of infancy can have serious reprecussions.

So what is it? RAD is one of the strangest and least studied disorders in psychiatry. It causes what seems to be a complete lack of human emotion, often defined by detachment, a total inability to respond to comforting or kindness, excessive inhibition of emotion, and intense withdrawal. Sometimes, RAD can even cause indiscriminate sociability.

However, the story doesn't end there with RAD patients. Children with this disorder are at an extremely high risk for other problems in the future - including depression, learning disabilities and behavioral problems in school, inability to form meaningful relationships, low self-esteem, and agressive behavior.

Sounds like Bunny to me. xD
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